Brand Activation

Your brand, our expertise. We develop concepts that engage with your target audience to maximise your brand at expos, festivals, product launches and events. By creating a unique and complete experience, we ensure your audience will walk away with your brand in mind.


What is brand activation? Put simply, it is the process of enhancing your organisations brand or image in the eyes of your existing and potential customers, clients and suppliers. It is about developing creative ways to engage with the end users of your product or service to create an experience that strengthens your key messages and improves your reputation. This may be a tangible experience or it may be a non-tangible PR style campaign; either way the objective is to communicate with your target audience in a way that ensures that your organisation is top of mind when they come to making consumer decisions.

Our creative team love the challenge of coming up with brand activation concepts and then coordinating all of the components required to bring the vision to fruition. We have extensive experience at working with sponsors of events to help them to leverage their event association and ensure they get a high return on investment from the alignment.

We are proficient in the key elements of planning and delivering brand activations:

1) Respect for your brand and company image
2) Solid understanding of audience behaviour and engagement traits
3) Gaining a solid understanding of your objectives so that we can provide creative concepts to achieve them
4) An energetic approach to ensure the activation is fun
5) Supplier management
6) Creating the ‘WOW Factor’
7) Onsite management during the build, event and dismantle phases

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